WAPOW at TNTalks – “Arts Activism & Building A Community”

Join WAPOW at Tuesday Night Project’s TNTalks on 9/8 from 3:30-5:30 pm at Far East Lounge!

WAPOW and Little Tokyo Service Center will be in conversation around Arts Activism and Building a Community.

The day will consist of the following:
– An introduction to the work of Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) and WAPOW (Chinatown)
– Small-group sharing/personal journey talk story
– Map making memory exercise
– Self-exploratory writing exercises
and more!

Join us as we look concretely at all the things we can do to get involved in art space and building communities!

Please RSVP so organizers can get an accurate head count.

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Recommended public transit for this event:

– Little Tokyo/Arts District stop on the Gold Line
– Metro 40 (1st & San Pedro stop)
The Far East Lounge is accessible by wheelchair through the entrance at 353 E. 1st St. The Far East Lounge entryway has two doors. Please be attentive and do not meander off down the alley. That will lead you to the Far Bar’s back patio. 😀
Folding chairs and tables will be used for our event. The first half of the program will consist of a panel/Q&A (40-50min). We may dim the lights to project a few images. The second half will have people working in two groups. People are free to move about as needed.
A restroom is wheelchair accessible through a sliding door at the back of Far East Lounge. It is gender neutral! Be aware that the the restroom may contain scented products as it is shared with Far Bar next door. But on day of event, scent-free soap will be provided, so there is that.
To support and include individuals affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), please make effort to attend this event scent-free. Individuals affected by MCS experience headaches, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness after exposure to scented products. The effects linger and event attendance suffers.
There will be snacks!

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