WAPOW at the LA Historic Neighborhoods Conference

On 10/13, WAPOW will be joining a panel at the Los Angeles Conservancy’s L.A. Historic Neighborhoods Conference to share our experience working in LA Chinatown engaging a younger generation around neighborhood issues, civic engagement and the concept of “placekeeping.”

Engaging Young People in Preserving Historic Places
Learn how and why our panelists have engaged young people in activating and protecting historic places. Their approaches and insights may help increase youth engagement with your historic preservation project.

In related news, the City of LA will soon be sharing its recent efforts with SurveyLA to document the social histories tied to place—including five Asian American communities in Los Angeles.

LA As Subject will also be hosting the annual Archives Bazaar on 10/12. Chinatown’s own Chinese Historical Society of Southern California will be on hand.

Sketch of Central Plaza by RJ Quiralta

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