WAPOW is created through the collaboration between local artists and community members
who care for Los Angeles Chinatown on a volunteer basis.

In alphabetical order by last name. 

Issue One Contributors

Natalie Aguilar
Kevin Caballero
Rebecca Chien
Stephen Chen
King Cheung
Sandy Chung
Charles Chung
Laura Chung
Eric Claros
Cindy Guan
Joshua Haro
Laureen Hom
Yanbing Jiang
Yanfen Jiang
Katherine Jin
Adam Johnston
Alan Klug
Jackson Lam
Wendy Lau
Allister Lee
Michelle Leon

Mingxia Li
Kevin Liao
Guowei Liu
Jason Liu
Mary Lo
Ashley Medina
Angelica Moyes
Freza Paro
Cameron Pun
Celine Pun
Dave Quan
Maggie Su
Jon Truong
Tom Tse
Jasmine Wong
Martin Wong
Shirley Wong
Danny Wong
Andrew Yip
Wing Yip

Jamie Kim